Glori Surban Virtual Assistant Social Media Image Designer

  Your service-based business needs a stand-out online presence to attract clients.

Text tweets and status updates and blocks of text for blog posts just don’t cut it anymore.

You need visuals to go along with them.

You tried making them yourself, but you didn’t think it’d take that much work.

Great news is, you don’t have to do everything alone.

There is a way to energize your social media presence with branded images and presentations AND spend your time growing your business and living your life.



Client Carrie Smith_Square“Glori’s work ethic and creativity has blown me away! We’ve worked together on multiple projects and I have yet to follow-up with a change to the first draft. Her work is amazing, and constantly impresses me. She understands how I want my brand to be portrayed and continues to go above and beyond. I’m excited to continue working with her!” – Carrie Smith, Careful Cents

Belinda Weaver Image

“Glori is a visual thinker, presenting your content in a way that people will respond to. And that’s the whole point! I am a wordsmith and Glori’s skills are the perfect complement.” – Belinda Weaver, CopywriteMatters

Tanya Smith Image

“My favorite part about working with Glori is that she took time to be sure she understood my style and what I want to accomplish. This is very well reflected in the colors and images she used – great match! I highly recommend Glori’s services if you want greater visibility through a quality slide deck strategy. Her work is excellent, she delivers on time, and listens to her customers!” – Tanya SmithTanya Smith Online