Glori Surban Virtual Assistant Social Media Image Designer About

Social Media images and SlideShare design assistantI’m Glori Surban, the “I’m beginning to think you never sleep” virtual assistant.

I’m also a social media graphics and presentation designer.

I help entrepreneurs grow their social media presence and online credibility.

Check out what some of them have to say! 

My services lets you focus on actually growing your business instead of trying to figure out how to make images for [insert social media platform here] and design presentations for [insert big international conference here].

Got your online act together?

As a service-based entrepreneur, you want your real-world image to reflect your online presence. You’re pretty good at what you do and you want potential clients to know that.

Here are other things you also want them to know:

  You’ve got a regularly updated, visually appealing blog where they can go to learn more about you and your services.

  Your social media feeds consistently provide helpful tidbits of information and inspiration to your followers.

  You’ve got this useful ebook/checklist/cheatsheet that can help them solve a pressing problem in your industry and they can get it for free.

But projecting an organized, up-to-date and active online image that helps turn inquiries into income takes time.

And for sure, time is something you’d rather spend:

  Helping your clients solve their problems, NOT finding stuff to post on Twitter and Facebook

  Writing blog posts that build your influence, NOT formatting, scheduling and creating a title image (yes you need this)

  Creating content such as cheatsheets, workbooks and checklists that establish your expertise and grow your email list, NOT designing and formatting documents

  Building social media presence through engagement, NOT worrying about sharing too much of other people’s content because you don’t know how to create and design your own images and presentations

  Practicing for that big speaking gig in front of your peers, NOT figuring out how to make your PowerPoint look good so you don’t embarrass yourself

It’s time to work on your business instead of in it.

In a world where growing your online presence and influence is impossible without building your personal brand, presenting a trustworthy and knowledgeable image matters.

And having the right visuals helps more than you think.   

Let’s work on my branded images!