Guest Blogging to Grow Your Online Business: Pros and Cons You Need to Consider

Guest posting or guest blogging is not about to die down anytime soon. In fact, it may just be the future of link building.

It’s an effective strategy for sure, especially after numerous Google updates that signaled the death of link farms.

For the uninitiated, guest posting or guest blogging is mainly writing for other blogs, most preferably popular and high-ranking ones, in order to get quality backlinks and therefore increased traffic to your own site.

With all the hype surrounding guest blogging, I’m pretty sure you’ve thought of doing it too. I’ve even done it myself. But as they say, there are two sides to every coin.

So before deciding if you want to go on a guest blogging campaign, let’s take a step back and look at its pros and cons for small business owners.

Pros of Guest Blogging for Online Businesses

1. You gain targeted, quality traffic.

When people read and like your guest post on a popular blog in your niche, they’ll likely click on your links.

You’ll see an increase in traffic to your site because they would like to find out more about you. And this traffic is the kind that you want as they are more likely to lead to sales.

2. You build backlinks.

Building backlinks is one of the best reasons for guest blogging. Having a high-ranking site link back to you adds points to increasing your own posts’ and blog’s search engine ranking.

3. You gain a wider audience and new subscribers.

It’s a great way to gain new readers, fans, followers, and subscribers when people find your blog has something valuable to give.

Guest blogging introduces you to a wider audience, which is exactly what you want if you’re running an online business. A wider audience would mean more popularity for you and your blog and, of course, more sales.

4. You build relationships.

More than the backlinks, building relationships is probably one of the greatest attractions of guest blogging.

Part of guest blogging is interacting not just with the webmaster but also the site’s regular readers. You can build and establish relationships with many different people online that can potentially lead to other opportunities, guest blogging or otherwise.

Websites such as and were especially created to connect website owners with potential guest bloggers and boast to make guest blogging an easier and faster experience.

5. You establish yourself as an expert.

In a way, guest blogging is also piggybacking on a brand that is already well-established to boost your own personal brand. Having your name appear in popular blogs or sites helps you gain credibility as an expert in your niche.

Cons of Guest Blogging for Online Businesses

1. Guest blogging is time-consuming.

If you plan on doing a guest post blitzkrieg then you better prepare yourself.

The time it takes to research blogs that accept guest posts, send queries, research and write your guest posts, answer comments, and promote your post will take time. Lots of it.

Know that if you don’t do your research properly, you can end up guest posting at the wrong blog and get no traffic at all.

Naturally, you want to send in your best original work so you’ll have to dedicate time writing great posts. Popular blogs also ask you to wait for as long as two weeks before they can get back to you, that is, if they ever will.

2. It can cost you money.

Remember that guest posting is like giving away free high-quality content to another blog. The time and effort you spend writing up that epic blog post could have been better spent writing for money or making money doing some other task.

Also, you may decide that you want to invest a good amount of money in learning how to guest blog and may be encouraged to pay someone to teach you how. Think carefully about choosing who you want as a guest blogging mentor.

3. Your own blog can suffer.

If you spend a lot of time doing guest posts, you may start neglecting your own blog’s content. So no matter how awesome your guest posts are, when your potential new readers will arrive, they won’t even bother subscribing because your blog sucks and you have nothing to make them stay.

4. No revenues for you.

If your awesome guest post generates a lot of traffic for that popular blog, it will most likely generate revenue from ads and even increase the blog’s sales. You? You will get nothing. You just enriched another blog’s content.

Now what?

Guest blogging has gotten so big that many guest blogging experts are making thousands of dollars by providing paid courses and tutorials on proven and effective guest blogging techniques to those who want to get the best out of this strategy because it does work.

There’s no question about the benefits, and if you have the time and money to spare and exemplary time management skills, and then go for it. However, if some or all of the cons seem to be too much for you, you may want to think of other strategies.

What’s your take? Leave your opinions below.

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Glori Surban

Glori is a nurse and clinical instructor turned blogger and virtual assistant. She writes about various topics such as personal development, psychology, personal finance, blogging, and online marketing.

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