How to Blog Consistently Even When You’re Busy

Let’s face it, you need to learn how to blog consistently if you're running an online business that relies on content.

But bloggers, freelance writers, and online business owners sometimes run out of ideas. We get tired, get too busy, and end up abandoning a blog that was so eagerly updated during the first few months.

It can happen to anyone. It actually happened to me.

This issue wouldn’t affect hobby bloggers, but if you use your blog for business, then you better find a way to get over it.

Here are some ways you can avoid the unfortunate case of ‘burned out blogger’ syndrome and keep posting.

1. Be smart with your schedule.

Some of us can’t update daily (and there’s a lot of people saying that it isn’t even advisable), so make a schedule that fits your lifestyle or availability.

Do you want to publish once or twice a week? 

It’s not advisable, however, to blog just twice a month because your readers will likely forget you, unless you're already a big time blogger. 

When coming up with a posting schedule, be realistic about the time you can spend on writing up blog posts. More often than not, bloggers end up getting frustrated by the schedule they set, pushing themselves too hard until they give up, so schedule it according to your own time. This also prevents you from the constant need to write under pressure.

2. Keep a list of topics.

Whenever you think of an idea about a good blog post, note it down. Most of the time, bloggers blame running out of ideas as reason for stopping blogging altogether. I prefer writing ideas down on my handy-dandy notebook.

For the more digitally-inclined, there are numerous apps that you can use:

3. Write in batches.

Ever experienced writing something and not being able to stop to eat or drink until you finished it?

Working on two or three blog posts in one sitting is a great way to keep yourself from worrying about keeping up with you blogging schedule. It will give you free time to attend to other projects, for guest blogging to grow your audience, and to spend with your loved ones.

4. Check your folders and drafts for unfinished posts.

I’m sure somewhere in your folders or your drafts, you have unfinished posts. Perhaps you just ran out of ideas or lost interest the first time you wrote them. Either way, revisit these posts and you’ll be surprised at how easy it’ll be to continue writing, fresh perspective being on your side this time around.

5. Ask for help.

There are times when no matter how hard you try to keep up with a posting schedule, you simply can't, not because you do not have the will or that you ran out of good blog ideas - you simply do not have the time.

But you have a responsibility to provide your audience with quality content. Get help either through hiring a VA to help with some administrative tasks or hire a content writer to provide you with quality blog posts. Remember, your online business is growing and you need to work on it, not in it.

These are but a few of the ways that you can use to keep your blog on track. The key is to stay committed by remembering your blog's original purpose, which I will assume is to help others in whatever field or niche you are in.

How do you keep up with your blogging schedule?

Share your tips below. 🙂

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Glori Surban

Glori is a nurse and clinical instructor turned blogger and virtual assistant. She writes about various topics such as personal development, psychology, personal finance, blogging, and online marketing.

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